Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Simple Man - A Simple Plan

New Delhi, India

The life of a simple man begins often with a simple plan…
He checks the clock and packs his bag, The lunch full of rest-over snacks…

He checks the time and then he waits, At the stop – the queue he hates…
The bus is full but still he goes, The driver’s smoking in the first row…

The whistle, cursing and deafening thumps; People elbowing down the chumps…
Women harassed still standing quiet, as nobody wants to pick a fight!

He’s stuck in the middle – misses his stop, Should I complain to the ill-mannered cop?
Ah! Forget it!! And then he walks, in the office the same he talks…

The talk’s forgotten the very next day, who’s to blame? Who’s to say?
The man gets up late – It’s quarter to eight, He runs to the stop – again he waits…

The same routine, the same disgust; The same old curses, the same old dust…
And there he is – the simple man, A simple life – A simple plan!

PS: Couldn't get a pic, may just post it soon!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Objective - Guidelines for being a co-author and expressing your views

Hello Internet!!!!

This Blog is meant to post the grievances of the respective Governments not subjected to cities, states and even nations. I know that government is selected by the people and hence, people are equally responsible for the condition of their own city or town. But hey, Even if someone steps up to fix it, the government doesn't let the fixable fixed!!!!

So if you want to be an author and join hands with me to highlight the wrong doings of the government and EVEN THE PEOPLE, raise a concern here, for when we do it together, it's heard! Keep a note that:

1. The concern should be genuine and should be supported by factual arguments (Photographs, if any)

2. No copied material would not be entertained

3. After every post the author should provide an external link where this website is displayed (for facebook, twitter, etc - display the profile name! ) - The reason behind this is to spread awareness about the Issue and therefore, loopers and wastefuls would not be entertained!!!

4. All the entries would be checked before they're posted so don't tick the people off!!!

5. Send your entries NOW!!!!

6. Collectively We can and WE WILL make a difference!!!

Good Luck people, Let's fight the GOVERNMENTS!!!!!!

PS: Of course, I'll kickstart it!!!! Don't you worry!!!!